Back To Formal: The Appeal of the Button-Down Way

Take a minute to study old LIFE magazines or television documentaries, or other throwbacks to life in the middle of the 20th century.


What do you see?


Whether you're watching “Mad Men” or paging through antique volumes, you'll see that people dressed a lot more formally than they do today. The tie and jacket were the equivalent of today's collared shirt, and only rebels showed up in T-shirts with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in one of the sleeves.


People wore a lot of hats and overcoats, too. But what you see when people go indoors or lounge in a warmer climate is that they’re still wearing pretty formal clothes.


All of that seems to have gone out the window for a while. Generation X pioneered the grunge look, and eschewed all sorts of formalwear in favor of, well, lounge apparel. That’s a massive generalization, of course, but watch some of the perennial top movies like “Clerks” or take a look at some of the most popular musical acts of the time, and you’ll get the picture.


But that's changing with the millennial generation, where people were going back to dressing more formally, albeit in a new stylish way.


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Written by Sumaiya Nasir