Compared to common synthetic fabrics like nylon, spandex, and polyester, cotton stands the test of time. When picking out that perfect button down shirt, there’s more to consider than looks and price. Think about what that shirt is made of and how it affects you. Cotton is a fabric that boasts many benefits to your look, your health, and our Earth.




We’ve all made the mistake of buying clothes without considering comfort. A busy and stressful day at work is made so much worse when you’re constantly adjusting tight clothing or sweating because the fabric you’re wearing doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. Cotton is a breathable fabric that will let your skin feel the cool air and keep you comfortable in the heat of summer or during that nerve-racking presentation.


Everyone knows that cotton is soft. Who doesn’t love crawling into bed and relaxing on cotton sheets after a tough day? Why save comfort for bedtime? The softness of 100% cotton should be a comfort to you during your day as well. Wearing synthetic fabric is like covering your body in plastic. Plastic is not breathable or soft.


Better For Your Skin


Skin inflammation is an incredibly common problem. That’s why there is such a market for different products claiming to calm irritated skin. Many might not consider how their skin is affected by the fabrics they wear. Dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner, MD. promotes cotton as a skin-friendly fabric and warns that those with skin conditions are especially at risk of increased irritation when exposed to synthetic fabrics.


Better For Our Earth


The environmental impact of the clothing we wear is becoming a more considerable concern to many people. We’ve all seen photographs of mountains of waste littering our Earth and wonder how we can make a difference. Cotton is a natural and biodegradable fabric, unlike synthetics. According to The Indiana Environmental Reporter, over a third of the microplastics littering our oceans come from synthetic fabric fibers. Buying clothing that you love and can also rest assured will not contribute to the problem of plastic litter is one way to make a positive difference in the environment without sacrificing your style and comfort.


The Buttondown Store takes comfort and quality seriously when providing you with the essential perfect button down shirt. Our shirts are made from 100% cotton, providing you with the style and comfort you need to tackle any kind of day. 

Written by Sumaiya Nasir